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Tools for your growth

Visual Content Creation

AI Images
AI Illustrations
AI Logo

Document and Data Management

Write/Read Contracts
Q&A over Docs
Vector Search
Document Analysis
Data Intelligence

Social Media and Marketing

Instagram Post
Social Media Post
Social Media Ads
Facebook ads mockup
Google headlines

Communication and Workflow

Write Emails
Inbox Content
Workflow Automation

Marketplaces and Listings

Marketplace Listing

Sentiment and Customization

Sentiment Analysis
Private Zone
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What do you want to do?

Experience the power of AI with our basic features

Why RyterAI?

Business Growth

Empower your business with AI-driven solutions

Content Creation

Create compelling marketing content effortlessly

Contract Insights

Simplify and understand legal documents

Social Media Power

Enhance your brand visibility with AI-driven content

Prompt Library

Use pre-made prompts for quick content creation

Personalized Solutions

Tailor AI tools to fit your unique business needs

AI Images

Generate stunning images with AI

Private Zone

Create a custom AI model with your own data, giving you unique, tailored insights. Securely upload, train, and ask questions to get personalized answers just for your business.

How It Works


Upload Your Data

Have unique data? Reports, research papers, or even text files? Upload them directly to our platform. Your privacy and security are paramount, ensuring your data remains exclusively yours.


Train Your AI

Our system will train a specialized GPT model based on your unique dataset. This means every answer, insight, or piece of advice is tailored specifically to the information you've provided.


Ask Anything

Once training is complete, your personalized AI is ready to go. Ask any question, seek any insight - your AI is fine-tuned to your specific needs and knowledge base.

EcoGe," has built a Custom GPT model trained on their sales data, customer feedback, market research, and sustainability reports. They're using their AI to make data-driven decisions and enhance their business strategy.

Business Query

"Based on our sales data from the last quarter and current market trends, which product categories should we focus on expanding in the next six months to maximize profitability while adhering to our sustainability values?"

Custom GPT Response

"After analyzing your sales data from the last quarter and integrating recent market trends on sustainability and outdoor gear, it's recommended to focus on expanding your eco-friendly hiking gear and recycled material sportswear lines. These categories have shown a consistent increase in customer demand and align with your brand's sustainability values. Additionally, consider introducing a line of biodegradable camping accessories, as market research indicates a growing consumer interest in sustainable outdoor products. Expanding these categories can enhance your market position, meet consumer demand for sustainable products, and drive profitability."

VisualizeAI: Where Products Find Their Ideal Backdrop

Transform your e-commerce visuals instantly with our cutting-edge AI! Upload your product - be it a chic bedsheet, elegant vase, or sleek gadget - and watch as our AI seamlessly integrates it into an ideal setting. From bedrooms and living rooms to outdoor nature, your products will stand out in stunning settings.

Beta testing now open for e-commerce and Amazon sellers – hurry, limited spots available!
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📷 Instagram Post 🤳

Upload any image from your mobile, and our AI will generate the perfect Instagram post. From vibrant travel photos to sleek product showcases, get captions, hashtags, and everything ready to share. It's like having a personal social media assistant! Just upload, describe, and share!


Save time on social media management with RyterAI's inBox feature. Receive tailored post and blog ideas directly to your email every Tuesday and Friday, providing fresh, creative content designed for your business niche.


PostMuse empowers small businesses to effortlessly create diverse, engaging content, driving growth and interaction with just a few clicks. From industry insights to fun quizzes, keep your audience captivated and boost your social media presence with ease.

AI-Powered Listings: Sell Faster, Sell Smarter

Snap, List, Sell: Whether you're selling new or secondhand items, our AI can help you sell faster and smarter. Upload an image, and let our AI generate the perfect listing, set competitive prices, and provide market insights from Amazon, eBay, and Etsy. Simplify your selling process and maximize your profits with AI-driven precision.

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Free Yourself to Focus on Building Your Business



You can write effective promotional copy for your products and services to be shared on social media channels such as Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn.

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using RyterAI Extension

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Sales Copy

You can use different copywriting models such as AIDA, PAS, P4, Quest and FAB etc.

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Write a customised copy using customer's specific pain points and your business unique selling proposition (USP)

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Social Media Posts

With RyterAI, you can easily create beautiful posts with images from Whether you're looking to promote your business or just share some stunning photos with your friends, RyterAI makes it easy and fun.

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Business Email and Communications

The RyterAI tools can help you improve your written communication skills in various ways, such as by changing the tone of your writing, rephrasing sentences, making text shorter or longer, and improving grammar.

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Why RyterAI?

If you're a business owner, blogger or digital marketer and
- You have trouble coming up with persuasive and engaging text for your ads and SOCIAL MEDIA POST.
- You waste a lot of time responding to customer reviews and emails
- You're having trouble finding the right content to go with graphics in CANVA or FIGMA.
- You need custom illustrations or artwork for your website or brochures
- You wish to design your study room or home office that is both conducive to productive work and visually appealing.
RyterAI can help!

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RyterAI chrome extension works on your favorite websites

  • Google Docs
  • Twitter
  • Canva
  • Gmail
  • LinkedIn
  • Outlook
  • Facebook
  • Whatsapp Web
and more...
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Built for small businesses

Customer Experiences

“RyterAI is a big help for my online businesses - I don't have to spend a lot of time thinking up product descriptions.”

Ecommerce (Business Owner)

“Since I don't have much creative freedom when managing my business' marketing by myself, RyterAI has been a huge help in writing blogs and social media posts, as well as generating local Google Ads.

Metal Roofing (Business Owner)

“I've been using RyterAI for a while and it's much better than all the other AI copywriting tools I've tried. It has all the main features I need, and the quality of output is really good - not very robotic."

Content Marketer & Blogger

“It's saved me a lot of time and energy, which makes it invaluable for copywriting, especially for newsletters."

Social Media Manager

“This product is great! I love its design and how easy it is to use. Plus, it provides just the features I needed without being bloated with overwhelming options. It's a great value for the price."

Content Writer

"One of the most difficult and tedious aspects of content marketing is brainstorming ideas. However, RyterAI offers tools that makes the process much easier and more efficient. I've saved a lot of time in creating content. "

Full-time Blogger

for your business

Do you need good blog topics for your business but don't know where to start?

RyterAI can help you come up with ideas for your blog, as well as getting outlines and titles for your posts.

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So, you've got some text, perhaps on a website or in a file, and you're looking to draw out important details from it. Use our IntellectIQ tool on your text to produce something insightful and beneficial.


How to Use


Select your source

Choose from a wide range of text sources, including plain text, document files (such as .doc), PDF files, website URLs, or even Wikipedia articles.


Choose your desired AI task or write your own task

What would you like AI to do with your text? You can ask it to generate a quiz based on the content, test your knowledge on the subject matter, or even provide a summary of the text for you.


Experience the magic

Sit back, relax, and witness the magic unfold as AI expertly processes the text according to your command.


RyterAI's Chrome extension


Reply to emails

using RyterAI's Chrome extension
(works in Gmail, outlook etc)


using RyterAI's Chrome extension

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AI art and illustrations

Using RyterAI, you can create AI-enhanced art and illustrations in a variety of styles, mediums, and even artist styles to express your creativity.

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Add AI intelligence to your data

- For Shopify and e-commerce sellers, do you want to know which users might churn out?

- Do you want to predict future sales based on historical data?

- For realtors, do you want to predict the price of a new house based on its characteristics such as location and number of bedrooms?

- Many more

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Chat with PDF (and data)

Discover the strength in your data with our exclusive 'chat with your data' feature. Just upload your file and start a friendly chat to delve deeper into its content.

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EmotiSense by RyterAI

"Unleash the power of Employee Sentiment for organizational success."
Sentiments & Dashboard
EmotiSense, powered by RyterAI, is an innovative tool that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to tap into the emotional pulse of your organization. By seamlessly collecting and analyzing employee feedback, EmotiSense by RyterAI unveils the true sentiment and engagement levels within your workforce. Empower your organization to take targeted action and cultivate a culture of excellence with EmotiSense by RyterAI.
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Built for digital agencies
& freelancers


Free images from unsplash

RyterAI lets you search for images that match your keywords, so you can use them in social media posts and advertisements. You can download any image from unsplash for free.

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